Web development

In a world that's getting more
and more digital, your website
is your best seller

At Cliento we are obsessed with the idea of developing effective websites, not just to position brands to rank better on Google (SEO), but to help you close more sales.

An effective website must focus on results.

An effective website is much more than a beautiful brochure, it is a sales growth machine, capable of generating and nurturing leads effectively, and yes, working 24/7 without getting tired, throughout several countries, languages and improving itself every day.

Checklist for your best seller:

  • Present an appropriate image of the brand
  • Clearly communicate the value proposition
  • Know the products/services perfectly (advantages and disadvantages vs. the competition)
  • Personalize the messages according to the prospect or buyer
  • Have empathy and genuinely want to help the customer
  • Be well prepared for frequently asked questions
  • Find potential customers or leads and be found by them
  • Follow up on leads and qualify them appropiately
  • Keep your leads updated with news and topics of interest related to the brand and products/services
  • Stay in continuous improvement of results
  • Guarantee a positive return on investment

How can we help you?

Our objectives when making a website are:

Our objectives on the websites
  • Generate high-quality leads
  • Generate consideration stage leads
  • Improve lead conversion rates
  • Provide a better buyer's journey
  • Improve organic search engine positioning (SEO)
  • Build measurable engagement
  • Boost sales
Generate high-quality leads

Growth-Driven Design

Our design focuses on the buyer persona, likewise our goal is to capture the buyer's journey to generate and convert sales opportunities.

We employ analytics, people, testing and iterations to optimize design for engagement.

Growth-Driven Design

We can help you develop great websites using different platforms, as:

HubSpot CMS, Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, Umbraco, Shopify, etc

Front-end development

We use HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Ajax to create responsive, mobile websites, interactive content, and web applications.

Back-end development

We use different frameworks and programming languages for the development of the back-end, with this we manage to establish an interaction between the user and the website, providing dynamic content.

System architecture

Complicated websites require careful planning as our websites need to be scalable.

Design oriented to business objectives

The web design process is agile to speed up time to launch and continually improve the website based on user needs and conversions.

Integrations with other platforms

We achieve communication between different platforms through the Hubspot API, which allows us to develop custom developments and tailored to the needs of our clients.

Benefits of what we offer


Optimization and adaptation to different devices: desktop, tablet, smart phone.


The SSL security layer will be integrated and the firewall will be part of your website.

Full integration

Your website can be integrated with marketing and sales platforms by adding the entire customer life cycle in one place.

All in one

Your website, blog and lead generation landing pages will be communicating with each other using an optimal domain strategy, which adds more power to the positioning opportunities for the brand.

Editing on time

We use content managers for easy editing. This will allow you to edit the content of your websites pages in real time.

Agile development

By leveraging a SCRUM philosophy, our agile development projects are very successful because they foster a close collaboration between the client side (the business) and Cliento's technology team.

How do we help you?


Phase I Strategy and structure

First, our team will conduct a competitive analysis and a general audit of your current website, including its current keyword strategy and technical SEO.

From here, we collaborate with you to offer you ideas to improve, and together, we build up a strategy.


Phase II Design and content

Next, our team begins to build the architectural plans for information and the creation of content strategy is carried out.

After information architecture is developed, graphic design takes place.


Phase III Site development

The process of the developing and production of the content begins, including text, photo and video.

All the photos and videos we make are original with real people, which considerably increases the credibility of the site.


Phase IV Testing and quality

In this phase, the contents are fine-tuned, and quality tests are designed to ensure that all the operation is optimal.


Phase V Site launch

Finally, the website is launched.

At this stage, the most important thing is to make sure that the "sensors" are in place to measure page performance, content, contact forms, videos, etc.


Phase VI Site optimization

At this stage the implementation of SEO techniques for positioning in the most important web search engines is the prioirity.

Integration solution

We enable websites to integrate (synchronize) all the information of your clients in other systems or platforms.

Gather your customer information in one place, regardless of what system it was initially collected in, in this way, you will be able to follow up on each conversation as well as having the context of each one.

CRM: Many companies that use Hubspot for marketing, use a different CRM system, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce or in-house developed CRM systems.

It is very important that both your site and CRM share the information, with this you will be able to personalize your marketing campaigns and target your prospects more effectively and achieve higher conversion rates.

Get your sales and marketing team to work together

Get your sales and marketing team to work together

We send SMS to your clients and prospects achieving an excellent user experience.

Did you know that SMS is the most efficient means of communication to talk to customers

This works for any type of business, it is ideal for marketing, customer loyalty and sales.

  • 90% of SMS are read in up to 3 minutes
  • SMS achieves a 98% open rate

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Frequently asked questions

It all depends on the type of project to be developed and its needs, but normally it takes us around 3 months to develop a new website, contemplating the whole new strategy that the project requires.

It all depends on the type of project to be developed and its needs. At Cliento we design and develop customized websites specifically for your business. Before handing a quote we evaluate your needs and based on the results, we quote the final price. Most of our sites are within the range of $ 100,000 - $ 200,000 pesos, but it can be more or less depending on your needs.

Totally! Having a mobile-friendly website is super important! We work hard to ensure that your website looks good on different devices.

Yes, in case you prefer to modify or add content on your website, you can do it through an administration panel.

Just take in mind that in most of our monthly plans, we contemplate the maintenance of the website as well as the updating of the content.

For sure! We take care of both new websites and optimize existing ones so that they can generate important results..

In many cases, certain sites are out of date, not optimized, or with a less than ideal design. This may be because the site was developed a long time ago, or because it was not done correctly, for these cases, we recommend a complete redesign of the website.

Accommodation is super important! For this reason we recommend 100% that the websites are hosted on our servers to avoid display problems at some point of the day.

The websites that live on our servers are guaranteed to operate 24/7, 365 days a year.

It depends on whether you have graphic and written material. Otherwise, we have a content marketing and video department through which we can create new content for your website.

The most common thing is that the client provides their own written and visual content so that we can curate it with the approach to the new strategy that the project requires.

No problem, we can generate a double web page in two languages, for example, English-Spanish, all this with very affordable prices.

Normally the client delivers the texts in the corresponding language. If you need it, we can contact you with professional translators who offer our clients their quality services at a good price.