What is a modern CRM?

Now that all companies, regardless of their size, have a large digital component, it has become essential to have cheap and simple technology to manage prospects or leads, potential customers and customers.

To do this, you need to implement a CRM solution or "Customer Relationship Management"

Having a modern CRM will allow you to:

  • Help your sales people by sending them leads immediately 
  • Knowing how many leads you have and what status they are in
  • Knowing how your pipeline of sales closing opportunities is going
  • Objectively evaluate the performance of your sales force

Cliento fue fundamental para enseñarnos y llevarnos de la mano en la metodología inbound.

Después de 24 meses de trabajo, tenemos 10 veces más visitas orgánicas en nuestro sitio web y el porcentaje de conversión creció de 5% a 20%.

How can we help you?


We can implement a CRM if you don't have it 

And if you already have one, we can help you optimize it for better results.


We can connect your CRM with your website

Also with your digital marketing campaigns to accelerate lead generation.


We help optimize the operational process

We integrate your CRM with other platforms to increase sales closure. 


Some of the main benefits of having a correct CRM implementation are:


Get to know your prospects and customers better

In addition to their name, email, telephone, etc. It is important to know where each lead came from, what status is at and what interactions it has had over time.

With this information and applying business rules, we can qualify each of the potential clients through points that will help you prioritize their attention.

Get to know your prospects and customers better

Give adequate follow-up to leads, by the sales team

When implementing a CRM, we do an analysis to identify everything that can be automated in the follow-up stage (predefined emails, sending valuable information, etc.)

We seek to focus the time of your executives on the interactions directly related to the closing of the sale.

Give adequate follow-up to leads


Have a complete view of your sales team performance

We help you set up the CRM and establish a process in which, when a sales executive receives a lead, they can follow-up optimally and everything is recorded in a productivity dashboard.

Have a complete view of the performance of your sales team


Make sales projections with the businesses registered in your pipeline

We help you take advantage of your CRM to monitor, from your mobile device, the progress of each business within your pipeline. Through a correct configuration, we create a dashboard where you can measure the projected sales against your goal, according to the probability of closure.

Make sales projections with the businesses registered

How do we help you?

HubSpot Sales Implementation Process:


1. Survey of the commercial process

The first step is to know what your current business process is like. The goal is to map how a prospect's journey flows, how they follow through, how they qualify, and how they become a customer.


2. Optimization of the commercial process

Based on the current process, we analyze and identify areas that can be improved, developing a new optimized mapping that includes the use of the CRM platform.


3. Approval of the new business process

The optimization process normally requires that several functional areas of the company commit to working together and with the same vision, therefore collaborative work is important to review and approve the new process that will be implemented from the CRM.


4. CRM platform set-up

From the new process, status, users and workflows are set up. In addition, emails are automated, templates are implemented and a pipeline model is designed.

We also set up reports with the main KPIs that will allow you to obtain high-level metrics and consult them in real time.



5. Importing the existing database

We review the database of current contacts, companies and businesses, and optimize it before importing it, to guarantee the correct start-up of the new platform.


6. Training and support to the commercial team

We train the sales team in monitoring the new process and in the use of the new CRM platform. At the same time, we carry out continuous monitoring during the start-up stage to ensure that the project meets the established objectives.


Successful cases

Like everything in life, experience is very important ...

Since the launch of Hubspot CRM in 2014 we have conducted more than 50 CRM implementations in Mexico and Latin America



Prices and packages 

Basic CRM

Optimize your business process and follow up with your prospects with the basic CRM tools:

  • Diagnosis of your current business process and identification of areas for improvement.

  • Optimization of the commercial process incorporating the use of CRM

  • Customization of the basic modules of operation (contacts, companies and businesses).

  • Construction of basic reports of contacts and deals.
  • Personalized training for the sales team on the use of CRM (in video) (3hrs)

Comprehensive CRM

Complement your CRM with tools that will help your team increase their productivity and close more sales:

  • Creation of email templates (5) for advisers.
  • Setting up an online calendar for the advisors.
  • Set-up of the predictive qualification of the sales opportunities (lead scoring).

  • Creation of custom sales and productivity reports.
  • Three hours of monthly support and / or training during the first 3 months after launch.

Advanced CRM

Get the most out of your CRM by automating processes and speeding up sales cycles:

  • Set-up of automatic alerts for contacts and deals without follow-up.
  • Automatic content delivery to prospects according to their status.
  • Migration of your current database to CRM.
  • Advanced training on the set-up and administration of the CRM (4 hrs).

*All services require HubSpot software

Do you need to connect the CRM with your current applications?



We have experience developing integrations with systems such as: SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho, SAP, Calixta, as well as with our clients own systems.

Schedule an appointment with our technical team who will help you estimate the investment and time necessary to develop your integration.


Frequently asked questions

If I don't have an established business process yet, is it possible to implement a CRM?


It is the ideal time to start managing your business opportunities, at Cliento we will help you define each of the stages in order to establish an optimal business process.

If I have different lines of business or more than one business process, can I use the CRM to manage my leads?

Yes, it is possible to have one or more pipelines with different stages of the sales process, however it will depend on the type of license that is contracted.


Do I have to adapt my sales process to the configuration that the CRM has?

The main advantage is the customization of the tool, all the information that you need to see within the platform such as the personal data of the prospects, the data of the company where you work and each of the phases that your business process has can be configured to that adapt to your needs and not the other way around.

I have an ERP system to manage my operation, is it possible to integrate it with a CRM?


Yes, we have experience in integrating not only with ERP 's but also with other internal systems that our clients use to manage their operations.

If I already have a prospect or customer base, will I be able to manage it from the CRM?

Of course, if you already have opportunities that you currently manage in a spread sheet or in any other system, we can import them so that the base of all your contacts, companies and businesses remains in a single platform.

Is it possible to supervise the operation of my team from the platform?

You will be able to obtain all the information and real-time monitoring that the advisors provide to the prospects assigned to them as well as the number of business opportunities they are registering, including productivity for established periods.

Can I choose the information to which each of my advisers will have access?

There are various types of permissions that can be granted, some allow you to see the entire contact base or only see what is assigned. You can also create work teams that facilitate access to information management, it will depend on the type of permits you want to provide according to the position and your needs.

What does the training consist of?

On the day of the training, we gave the sales team a brief theoretical introduction about inbound marketing and how it aligns with the sales strategy; Later we explain how the management of a prospect will be carried out throughout the commercial process within the CRM, making use of the functionality of the platform. After a week we reinforced the training with a question and answer session with the specific doubts that the team may have when using the platform.

Can I acquire additional hours of training or consulting?

Yes, we can put together a support scheme that suits your needs.