In terms of sales, SEO means your best sales asset appears 24/7 on Google (without paying for advertising)

Investing in SEO is investing wisely in your brand positioning

Why is SEO important?

  • People who want to buy a product or service, search for it on Google or in a specific store (online or physical).
  • When someone searches for a product or service on a mobile device, the first thing that appears is the location. In SEO this is known as local SEO and it helps companies to have geographic visibility.
  • The organic traffic (SEO) that reaches a website, in general, is of better quality and generates a greater probability of purchase than visitors from other traffic sources such as: social media, advertising, etc.
  • SEO techniques encourage companies to offer a better experience on their websites, especially on mobile devices.
  • When companies run PPC digital advertising campaigns (Google Ads) they are only visible while the daily budget has not been exhausted, but due to the high costs of advertising, much of the day, the ads are not shown because of the lack of budget.

What is SEO?


SEO is the acronym for "Search Engine Optimization" and in general terms, we can say that SEO is a process of continuous optimization of content and web pages. With it's application, it is intended that search engines (particularly Google, which has a 92% participation in Mexico) show these pages and contents in their first results, without paying for advertising.

These results, which are not advertising, are called "Organic Results"


Technically Google is a robot that uses more than 200 variables to determine the order of organic results. And, although these variables are not published officially, there is much evidence of what the key factors for SEO positioning are.


The most important factor is the visitor's experience to a web page, through it's artificial intelligence Google seeks to satisfy the person who is looking for something better and better. Therefore, to be well positioned it is necessary to have a web page with good content and good usability (UX).

Why Cliento?


We were born as an agency focused on SEO and it was its evolution and the need of our clients to close more sales, which led us to other practices such as Content Marketing and the use of methodologies such as Inbound Marketing.


Our formula for success has always been to use SEO as a lever to bring high-quality traffic to our clients' website, enrich the experience on the website with great content and thereby increase the quality of leads and accelerate the closing of sales.


Today we believe that Cliento is one of the best SEO agencies in Mexico.


We are located in the iconic Colonia Condesa, in Mexico City and from here we work for small, medium and large companies in Mexico and Latin America.

How can we help you?


Grow the volume of organic traffic to your website or eCommerce.


Positioning your brand or person as an opinion leader on topics of interest to your business through organic visibility on Google.


Reduce your investment budget in digital advertising.


To gain georeferenced visibility to appear on Google maps when a person searches for a related product or service on their mobile device and is physically close to your company. This type of SEO is very important for companies with multiple branches in different countries or regions.


Increase the scope of your investment in digital or traditional media, people sometimes Google something they saw through a piece of advertising. at another more convenient time.


To decrease visibility in Google of negative events or service problems that occurred in the past. By no means does it mean REMOVE notes or references from Google, as it is not possible. However, its negative impact can be decreased.


How do we help you?

Each case is different since each project presents different problems and opportunities; however, we can say that there are 2 stages of our work as an SEO agency:

Construction and optimization stage

In the first weeks of this stage we focus on research, strategy, planning and optimization of your website.

Activity 1. Knowledge of your business

At Cliento, unlike other agencies, we seek to understand our client's business as best as possible, that is why we learn everything necessary about your product or service, from target demographics to the commercial process.

Activity 2. Competitor analysis

It is important to know how you are compared to your competition, so we take care of analyzing the web pages of your direct competitors, from the search volume of their keywords, to the loading time, navigation and usability, etc. In this way, we can determine what they are doing, what is working for them, and what is not.

Activity 3. Market research

With the obtained information in the first activities, we will be able to know how your audience searches for your products or services. What words do they use and what frequently asked questions do they have.

Activity 4. Audit of your website

We will analyze your website from A to Z, meaning we will be the most meticulous to understand what your areas of opportunity and improvement are since there are many technical, communication, and usability errors that can go unnoticed if you do not count with the proper knowledge.

Activity 5. Keyword optimization

We will use the information we obtained in the first four activities, as well as an analysis of the volume of traffic, search attempts, and relevance of your keywords to determine which are the ones with the most searches in the country or city where your market is located and how relevant they are to your business.

Activity 6. Architecture and UX (user experience) of your page

Cliento will review the architecture of your page, how it is built, what the site map is like, how good usability it has, how is it's conversion rate, among other things. With all this information, our UX and design specialists will be able to propose improvements that allow us to offer the best customer experience and therefore increase your conversion rate.

Activity 7. On-page optimization

With the results of the first phase, we can develop and implement optimization of your site. Generally, these types of optimizations can include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Implementation of new information architecture
  • Usability (UX) on desktop and mobile devices
  • Metadata optimization
  • Anchor text optimization
  • Alt tag and NoScript optimization
  • Canonical tags
  • Redirects 301 Implementation
  • 404 error fix
  • Sitemap optimization
  • Front-end code fix
  • Search console and tag manager configuration
  • Image optimization to improve loading time

Activity 8. Remove duplicate content

We will take care of auditing your site to remove anything that is duplicated.

Activity 9. Development of new transactional content

We have specialists who will be in charge of creating relevant and functional content for your market that helps position your page.

Activity 10. Analysis of external links (backlinks)

We will analyze your external links or backlinks to determine the links that are considered spam. For each link that is considered spam, we will send them to Google to avoid a penalty. Currently, with the Penguin 4.0 algorithm change, Google now ignores spam links many times simply by taking the weight off the ranking factors without penalizing the site.

Activity 11. Analysis of internal links

We will take care of reviewing the structure of the internal links on your website to ensure that the link juice is distributed as a priority on the most relevant pages.

Activity 12. Google my business

At Cliento we train and help our clients to register in Google my business, with which each location of the company (e.g. branches) becomes visible on Google Maps. With this, we ensure that the SEO positioning on mobile devices is optimized.

Growth stage

At the conclusion of the first stage of construction and optimization, we will focus on increasing the authority and positioning of your site through link building and online PR, creation of relevant content, implementation of structured data (such as schema), posts on social networks, among others.

Activity 1. Link building

Link building is like doing PR for your business and it is very important for the SEO strategy, as it refers to all the actions we carry out to get our website to be linked by third parties.

Activity 2. Content creation

It is essential to constantly develop your own content and it is also important to update existing content to improve the positioning of your website, as well as to educate your audience about your product or service.

Activity 3. Social networks

At Cliento we will help you determine which social network is the right one for your business, and what type of content and format you should post, as well as the optimal way to handle a social media strategy.

Activity 4. Structured Data ( markup)

Handling the proper techniques is becoming more and more important to Google. We can help you incorporate structured data into your website and align the content with the best Schema markup practices (review schema, local business schema, service schema, product schema, breadcrumb schema, etc.) With this, at Cliento we are able to position our clients not only in the first places of Google but in the help boxes or featured snippets.

Activity 5. Content Silos

Websites often feature competing content. At Cliento, one of the big changes that we carry out on a daily basis is to review the information architecture and define the rules or guides to work with keywords based on the authority that we want to offer to each silo, and thus reduce competition in content.

Activity 6. Continuous analytical review

In line with our analytical review, at Cliento we use Google Tag Manager and other event tracking and usability platforms to improve the ability to convert visitors into leads and from leads into customers. In general, SEO is a much more powerful practice than most companies imagine, therefore we consider it very important that it be taken advantage of, and through it, a true competitive advantage is achieved and a barrier to entry for new competitors.

Let's talk about your goals!

A quick 15-minute chat about your business; your goals, and weather we're the right fit.


Frequently asked questions

Hemos visto sitios web posicionarse en días, semanas y hasta meses. Típicamente cuando se optimiza un sitio con técnicas avanzadas o mejores prácticas de SEO, el sitio web comienza a tener crecimientos importantes de tráfico orgánico a partir de los 3 meses y esto va subiendo con el tiempo, siempre y cuando el esfuerzo se mantenga, ya que Google siempre dará preferencia a sitios web que están activos, generando contenidos y mejorando la experiencia para el visitante.

Los proyectos de SEO pueden tener diferentes alcances, se puede tener un proyecto donde únicamente se lleva a cabo una optimización puntual. Por otra parte se pueden también hacer proyectos donde se realice un trabajo constante, por lo tanto los precios pueden variar de manera muy importante. Dado que los proyectos conllevan horas de trabajo por parte de gente con diversos perfiles, el costo de los proyectos se calcula por el número de horas invertidas. En Cliento, los proyectos de optimización (consultoría) pueden tomar entre 1 y 3 meses y requieren de una inversión aproximada desde $30 mil hasta $150,000 pesos. Por otro lado, los proyectos continuos, dependiendo del alcance, pueden requerir una inversión desde $25,000 hasta $120,000 pesos mensuales.

Lamentablemente no es posible garantizar el 1er lugar, debido a que las posiciones dependen del día, la posición geográfica y el comportamiento de la persona que está buscando, además de tener más de 200 variables. Lo que nosotros sí podemos garantizar es un crecimiento significativo en tráfico orgánico en las páginas web, aunque naturalmente es diferente para cada caso.

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