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What is Content Marketing?

Currently, most companies that want to increase their sales through digital marketing already know that by creating creative campaigns and paying for advertising, they are only "renting" the attention of their audience for a short time, and in the best of cases, they will take traffic to your page or your social networks.

However, for that traffic to become sales, there is a long way to go ...

And that path's name is content marketing.

Therefore, content marketing is the process of analyzing, planning, developing and distributing valuable content to attract, acquire and connect a brand with its target audience and thus generate more sales.

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How can we help you?


We audit and evaluate the content you already have, from web pages to blog articles and downloadable assets. You may already have a lot of content, but very little of it leads to current views through the purchase funnel.


We believe that deep customer understanding is the heart of excellent sales and marketing execution. Therefore, we take care of defining who your Buyer Persona is, how and why they buy.



Specialists assigned to your project

Generating content in a universe full of information represents a challenge to reach the right people. Therefore, when hiring our services, you will be assigned a specialist in charge of understanding your business in-depth and knowing the needs of your clients to create related content to the terms, concerns, and interests of your industry.

Especialistas asignados a tu proyecto

Expert videographers

With more than 8 years of experience, we know how to identify the key messages that should predominate in your videos; We take care of every aspect so that it adds to the desired objective and we advise those who are in front of the camera to achieve the necessary projection.

Our key to success is communication with the client from recording to editing the material.


Content amplification

We examine the most appropriate channels to promote your content and achieve the greatest impact with your audience and ensure that your information is easy to find, whether through search engines, social networks and advertising.

Evaluation and optimization

We deliver monthly performance reports for each piece of text and video. Additionally, we optimize content created in the past to keep it up to date with new and accurate information. In this way, all the efforts invested in your Content Marketing strategy are used to the maximum.


How do we help?

We execute Content Marketing services in text and video for B2B and B2C businesses, in order to acquire and retain a defined audience by creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content.

We help you reduce the learning curve that you have when creating in-house content because we get to know and understand your clients by answering the most important questions of your business following an SEO strategy guaranteeing the best search engine positions.

Our goal is to improve the growth of your business, not to validate a marketing expense.

How do we help?

We increase your
leads conversion


We improve your


We enrich the relationship
with your potential clients


We develop your
leadership and reputation


of consumers say they are more likely to buy from a company that offers personalized content that they can trust.

- Custom Content Council


of Internet traffic will be consumed in video formats in 2020

- Content Marketing Institute

Successful cases

Hospital San Ángel Inn

Sector: Health

During the time we worked with Hospital San Ángel Inn, we managed to get some blog articles to have more than 100,000 views.

In the best articles we achieved more than 400,000 views whose topic revolved around respiratory diseases.

Month after month we present reports not only on traffic but on the general performance of each piece created.

In each report, we demonstrate achieving more than 80% organic traffic (SEO) reaching up to 7 minutes of retention time.

Case of success - Hospital San Ángel Inn


Sector B2C

Europan is a supplier of high-end bread ovens, whose communication was enriched since 2016 by detecting and responding to the needs and interests of buyers.

Through Content Marketing in blog and video, the positioning of the brand was strengthened, achieving more visits and longer duration.

Case of success - Europan

How did the
project started?

How did the
project evolve?


Jan-Dec- 2016
average time

Jan-Dec- 2019
average time


Sector: Education

This project is just a part of what we have achieved with the Universidad Panamericana from basic to postgraduate level.

In the case of the PrepaUP, since 2016 we have defined the Buyer Persona and we keep it updated in order to create valuable content in text and video around the interests and concerns of students and parents.

Case of success - PrepaUP

How did the
project started?

How did the
project evolve?


Jan-Dec- 2016
average time

Jan-Dec- 2019
average time

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