Digital Marketing Strategy

As a digital marketing agency, Cliento has a competitive advantage: strategy

We help our clients align their digital marketing with sales and this "small" detail represents the difference between top and average performance.

The heart of a digital marketing strategy is the Customer Journey

Therefore, the strategy is a path or a continuous process that never ends and whose nature is to provoke the movement of people throughout the stages of the journey.

If at each stage of the Customer Journey it is possible to add value to people, then the strategy will be successful and a high return on investment will be obtained.

This implies


What are the 10 most common strategic problems?

1. Many tactical activities are getting done (advertising, social media, content, etc.) but sales do not reach the goal.

2. Communication is effective to the target audience, but most of the prospects choose the competition which means the company is losing competitiveness.

3. More than 30% of marketing resources (time and money) are invested in generating website traffic (typically advertising) and sales goals are not being met.

4. There are no long-term plans (or they exist but are not followed), and instead, they seek to test ideas that are fashionable or that work "well" for other companies.

5. Growth in sales projections is not supported by a conversion model.

6. Investment in digital marketing does not consider the existence of market segments throughout the Customer Journey.

7. The value proposition of the company/service/product is not clear to the target audience, or it is clear but lacks differentiation.

8. Decisions about digital marketing programs are not based on data (analytics), either because they are not available or because they are ignored.

9. There is no technology to align digital marketing with sales, and therefore work in separately (marketing on the one hand and sales on the other hand).

10. There are no work processes in the marketing teams; therefore, the operation tends to be very tactical and short-term.

How can we help you?

At Cliento, we have developed and executed successful strategies for companies of all sizes and in all industries. From small B2C companies and some of the most successful Mexican startups in history, to leading global companies with a presence in Latin America.

All the projects we do at Cliento have the ultimate goal of helping our clients achieve sustainable sales growth, therefore in all projects there is a component of digital strategy.

And eventhough each case is different, we normally help companies in 3 key strategic aspects to grow their sales:


Maximize return on investment (ROI) in digital marketing through a proper balance between inbound marketing and outbound marketing.


Improve demand generation through the strategic alignment between marketing and sales, with the support of a solid commercial process, technology and content.


Implement a system of metrics and KPIs aligned to sales growth.

How do we help you?

At Cliento we see the strategy stuck to the ground; In other words, our process is simple and does not last more than 5 weeks

Normally the development of a digital marketing strategy is carried out in 3 steps:


1. Diagnosis

  • We make a diagnosis of the current situation of your digital assets (website, UX, blog, social networks, content, advertising campaigns, etc.)
  • We do research (mystery shopper, focus group, social listening, etc.)
  • All results are supported with hard data.

2. Analysis

  • We do an analysis of the competition in the digital world.
  • We obtain benchmarks and best practices, with real cases in local and international markets.
  • We present a gap analysis.
  • In a collaborative way between Cliento and your team, this analysis is validated and the learnings discussed.

3. Game Plan

  • We develop and deliver a document with concrete and actionable strategies and tactics that will be implemented through a quarterly and annual marketing plan.
  • We also help you define a dashboard with objectives and performance metrics (KPIs).
  • Optionally, we can help you define the brief formats for requesting a task to your agencies (creative, digital, media and public relations).

Successful cases

We have been fortunate to help more than 100 companies with digital marketing strategies, but some of them have been outstanding for the great collaborative work that went throughout the project.

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