Be the agency that all businesses want to have by their sideto get to grow in sustainable sales


We want to create a great impact on each project and to achieve it we are guided by the values that strengthen us every day:

1. The team is the most important thing

Nothing and no one has more value than our team; working together for the same purpose.

2. Every customer is a fan

We are the friend, ally and consultant of each client, the agency you can always count on.

3. No bullshit

We say things as they are, the good and the ugly, we are transparent in every way with our team and customers.

4. We never stop learning

We are committed to being up-to-date to the fullest, for both our customers and company.

Meet our team

Our team is made up of people who like to learn, build and think. We are honest, creative, intelligent, travelers, animal lovers, film critics, and partygoers.

Isaac Pérez  Fundador y Director General

Isaac Pérez

Founder and CEO

Jorge Bukovsky - Director Financiero

Jorge Bukovsky

Financial Chief

Emanuel Fonseca - Contabilidad y Finanzas

Emanuel Fonseca

Accounting and Finance

Gustavo Jaén - Director de proyectos

Gustavo Jaén

Project manager

Jonathan Méndez - Líder de proyecto

Jonathan Méndez

Project manager

Rosa Salazar - Líder de proyecto

Rosa Salazar

Project manager

Carolina Martínez - Líder de proyecto

Carolina Martínez

Project manager

Juan Carlos Tesorero - Director de CRM

Juan Carlos Tesorero

CRM Director

Jairo Manzanares - Especialista Video Marketing

Jairo Manzanares

Video Marketing Director


Gilberto Angtuncio

SEO Director and Analytics

Reyna Rivera - Directora de Desarrollo Web

Reyna Rivera

Web development Director

Mariana Galina - Directora de consultoría SEM

Mariana Galina

SEM consulting Director

Claudia Maldonado - Directora de Diseño Web

Claudia Maldonado

Web design Director

Claudia Maldonado - Directora de Diseño Web

Luisa Rivapalacio

Content Marketing Director

Alejandro Avila - Director creativo

Alejandro Avila

Creative director

Alexis Gómez - Líder de proyecto

Alexis Gómez

Project leader

Victor Ramos - Líder de proyecto

Victor Ramos

Project leader


Oscar Carbajal

Project leader

Daniel Daguer - Líder de proyecto

Daniel Daguer

Project leader

Mariela Martínez - Líder de proyecto

Mariela Martínez

Project leader

Rubí Jímenez - Líder de proyecto

Rubí Jímenez

Project leader

Emilio Vázquez - Líder de proyecto

Emilio Vázquez

Project leader

Orlando Gonzalez Perez- Líder de proyecto

Orlando Gonzalez

Project leader

Sandra Sánchez - Especialista en CRM

Sandra Sánchez

CRM Specialist

Hermes Padilla - Especialista en SEO

Hermes Padilla

SEO Specialist


Dora Banda

Content Marketing specialist

Carlos Osorio - Especialista en Content Marketing

Carlos Osorio

Content Marketing specialist

Alberto Araujo - Especialista en Content Marketing

Alberto Araujo

Content Marketing specialist


Iñaqui Montañez

Video Marketing specialist

Mariana García - Especialista Video Marketing

Mariana García

Video Marketing specialist

Mariana García - Especialista Video Marketing

Rebeca Franco

Video Marketing specialist

Carolina Farrera - Especialista Diseño Web

Carolina Farrera

Web Design specialist

Karime Suárez - Especialista Diseño Web

Karime Suárez

Web Design specialist

Fernando Aguilar - Especialista Desarrollo Web

Fernando Aguilar

Web Development specialist

Eduardo León - Especialista Desarrollo Web

Eduardo León

Web Development specialist

Raúl García - Especialista Desarrollo Web

Raúl García

Web Development specialist

Valeria Strempler - Especialista Desarrollo Web

Valeria Strempler

Web Development specialist

Ariana González - Office Manager

Ariana González

Office Manager

Angelica Solís - Jefa de mantenimiento

Angelica Solís

Head of Maintenance

Alejandro Arroyo - Jefe de servicios generales

Alejandro Arroyo

Chief of General Services

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