Sales Enablement

If sales executives close more sales:

  • They are happy
  • The director is happy
  • The CEO is happy

Why do you need Sales Enablement?

If you don't know what Sales Enablement is, we would like to introduce the concept to you because it can be important for your sales team.

A well-qualified sales executive under the Sales Enablement concept can:

  • Clearly understand the business environment surrounding the lead or customer
  • Help the buyer to visualize how they can solve their problem through the products or services they sell
  • Help a cold sales opportunity to "revive"
  • Identify the evaluation criteria of the buyer, to take advantage of their advantages vs. the competition
  • You can make the main contact on the buyer's side act as a "seller" within your own company
  • Overcoming objections from the buyer
  • Answer complex questions quickly and clearly
  • Make use of all these tools within the first 3 months of work and not after 6 months

What is Sales Enablement?

Sales Enablement is a strategic collaboration concept designed to improve sales closing ratios.

To achieve this, it is essential to develop consistent and scalable services that allow sales executives and their supervisors to add value in each interaction with the customer.

How can we help you?

Step 1. Workshop

Ideally, the first step is to carry out a sales enablement workshop with the management team of the company, especially with those responsible for marketing, sales, and general management to present the concept, visualize the impact on the results and answer general doubts about it.


Step 2. Diagnosis

The ideal second step is to carry out a diagnosis with the commercial team to know the current state of the commercial process and find opportunities and problems to solve.

Paso 2. Diagnóstico

Step 3. Implementation

We develop a collaborative project, hand in hand with the sales team, to design a short, medium and long-term route that allows us to implement Sales Enablement techniques.

At the same time the implementation takes place, we train and assess the sales team to adopt the new techniques, at the same time we monitor the results to adjust details.

Step 3. Implementation