Revenue Operations

Align your marketing, sales, and customer success teams to increase your sales opportunities

According to The Boston Consulting Group, leading B2B technology companies report substantial benefits



in sales productivity


in lead acceptance


in customer acceptance

Source: Fabbri, F., Mustaghni, B., Nekrasova, M., Matuszczyk, T., & Ward, M. Revving Up
Go-toMarket Operations in B2B. BCG Global

What is Revenue Operations?

RevOps is a function that aims to maximize an organization's revenue potential

It is primarily responsible for aligning the marketing, sales, and customer success areas to work towards a common goal focused on company growth

RevOps primarily addresses
6 challenges in the sales generation process



RevOps implementation

There are two ways organizations carry out their revenue operations: One has a more tactical view of the role, and the other is more strategic. The new Revenue Operations approach should be strategy-centered.

To identify the stage a company is in, we will explain the 5 stages proposed by Doug Davidoff, CEO of Lift Enablement


Results achieved from Revenue Operations

According to the Boston Consulting Group, the largest B2B technology companies that implemented Revenue Operations to accelerate their growth experienced significant benefits, including increases of 10% to 20% in sales productivity

100% to 200%

Increases in digital
marketing return on
investment (ROI)

15% to 20%

Increase in internal
customer satisfaction


Increase in lead

Revenue Operations is designed to optimize revenue generation

It is important to assess where your company stands, analyze different aspects of your organization, and above all, understand the challenges you are currently facing to achieve the following objectives:


Improve sales and
marketing effectiveness


Optimize operations
and improve results


Increase customer

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