In digital marketing, the notion that each lead is first and foremost a person is often lost.

The best sales execurive is NOT the one who pressures the most or harasses the prospect to buy.

The best seller is the one who helps the prospect make their best purchase decision.

Helping to buy, rather than selling, is the best way to achieve lead conversion. In Cliento, we help you by optimizing the lead conversion process through 3 strategic activities:


Digital Advertising

Paid advertising campaigns on the Internet, both in search engines SEM (search engine marketing) and in social networks (paid social or social ads), become strategic activities when they are used to bring solutions to your target market in an efficient and profitable way.

At Cliento we help you find the perfect combination of strategic targeting, keywords, ad types, investment levels and landing pages to maximize your return on investment (ROI).


Content Marketing

Content is the fuel of your digital marketing strategy.

The best way to connect and gain trust from people in the digital world is to support every message with valuable content.

Today in the world of digital marketing, the most valuable content is genuine, original and authentic. However, making quality parts is a challenge that requires unusual techniques and tools.

At Cliento we help companies to understand the world of content marketing, to develop a strategy and most importantly, to execute the right actions daily.


CRO - Conversion Rate Optimization

The concept of CRO has become popular in recent years since within all the actions that happen in the customer journey in the commercial process (buyer's journey), there are very important conversions or micro-conversions, which for their economic value, deserve to have a specialized team that dedicates valuable time to analyze, measure and optimize their performance.

In most companies, this function is not covered by the marketing team due to the high level of specialization required and the technology tools needed.

At Cliento we have the experience, tools, and process to help you in this difficult but important activity.

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